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Application Characteristics of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh In Screen Printing

Apr. 09, 2021

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh has become the most ideal screen material for the screen printing industry, especially the electronics industry.

In high-precision series products, it is often used to print high-definition and high-quality graphics, especially suitable for PCB circuit board printing, microelectronics , photoelectric display , liquid crystal display, Vacuum display, solar cell, insulating oil, solder resist oil, solder paste, membrane switch, instrument dial, glass-ceramic, panel dial and so on. In recent years, silk screen printing has also been widely used in packaging, decoration, advertising, posters, etc. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturer to share the following characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh:

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

1.Thick ink layer and strong coverage

The thickness of the ink layer of stainless steel screen offset printing and relief printing is only a few microns, the thickness of the gravure printing is about 12um, the thickness of the ink layer of the flexographic screen printing is 10um, and the thickness of the ink layer of the stainless steel screen printing far exceeds the above The thickness of the ink layer can reach 30-100um. Special printed circuit board stainless steel wire mesh thickness can reach 1000um. Use foaming ink to make Braille ideas. The thickness of the ink layer after foaming can reach 300um. Therefore, the covering ability of the ink is particularly strong. It can be used for pure white printing on black paper or metal plates. 

Besides, the thick ink layer can be used to print various industrial products such as circuit boards. The stainless steel screen printing ink layer is thick, and the three-dimensional sense of printed graphics is strong, which is comparable to other printing methods. If the general printing method uses white to cover the underlying background, it is necessary to copy three to four times in the same part, and stainless steel screen printing and screen printing can be completed only once. Due to the thick ink layer, the hand feels good and the three-dimensional sense is strong. , So it is widely used. Of course, the thickness of the ink layer can also be controlled. Stainless steel screen printing can be used not only for monochrome printing but also for color registration and screen color printing.

2. You can use a variety of ink printing

Stainless steel screen printing has the characteristics of missing printing, so it can use any kind of ink and paint, such as oily, water-based, synthetic resin type, powder type, and other inks, under different conditions, for any material can meet the various Printing for various purposes. Screen printing inks all kinds of coatings, other printing requires the pigment particle size of various inks to be fine, and stainless steel screen printing can be used as long as the inks and coatings that can pass through the mesh of the stainless steel screen can be used. All the inks for screen printing are wide. Beyond the definition of ordinary ink. There are pastes, adhesives, or solid powders. Therefore, screen printing inks are sometimes collectively referred to as “printing materials”

3. The layout is soft and the printing pressure is small

The stainless steel screen printing plate is soft and flexible, and the printing pressure is small, so it can not only print on soft materials such as paper and textiles, but also on high-hardness boards such as glass, metals, and hard plastics that are easily damaged. Or print directly on the surface of the molded object.

4. Strong light resistance

Stainless steel screen printing has the characteristics of leaking brushes, so it can use a variety of staining agents and various colors, and it can also use pigments with coarse particles. Therefore, it can put light-resistant pigments and fluorescent pigments easily. Into the ink, so that the graphics of the printed matter can always maintain the gloss without being affected by the temperature and sunlight, and can even shine at night. The preparation of stainless steel screen printing ink is simple. For example, light-resistant materials can be placed directly in the ink to prepare. Since the light resistance of silk-screen products is stronger than other types of printed products, it is more suitable for outdoor advertising and signage.

5. Stainless steel screen printing is flexible and diverse

Stainless steel screen printing, like other types, can be mass-produced industrially. At the same time, it has the characteristics of convenient plate making, cheap price, diverse printing methods, flexible, and easy to master technology, so it has developed rapidly in recent years.

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